# Delay from Trading View to ProfitTrailer via Gmail

A valid concern for using Trading View with PT Feeder is going to be delay in placing an order with ProfitTrailer. This does add an extra middleman of your email provider that you are reliant on to be fast and PT Feeder to write to the ProfitTrailer settings directory.

The below example was done with NO TRAILING BUY and buy strategy of RSI 100 only, to show an example of a "instant" buy. If multiple buy strategies are used, or trailing buy, this is will slower as ProfitTrailer will wait for the best buy.

# Gmail alert from Trading View

Gmail alert

# Order in ProfitTrailer

Order in ProfitTrailer

# Delay

This shows that the email was sent from trading view at:


and the order in ProfitTrailer was executed at


which is:

Delay = 19 seconds

It is up to you if this is an acceptable delay for your TradingView strategy, and if the delay outweighs the benefits you get with using ProfitTrailer to buy.