Release notes

All releases can be found on the github releases page

PT Feeder 1.7.3


  • EnabledCoinsOnly fix
  • More logging for TV Signals

PT Feeder 1.7.2


  • Fix for coins on watchmode
  • Fix for AutoWhitelist not respecting excluded pairs

PT Feeder 1.7.1


  • Fix memory leak
  • Fix for binance negative price issue
  • Other performance improvements

PT Feeder 1.7.0

PT Feeder 1.7 is a huge release. It has been developed with user feedback over the last few months and has a LOT of new features to enrich your automated trading experience.

I have had to create a seperate page for its changelog which can be found here.

Please read the upgrade instructions carefully. The majority of the new features are optional.

PT Feeder 1.6.0


Please delete your ptfeeder.db file in your /database directory of PT Feeder before starting this version


  • Ability to react of TradingView alerts. See Advanced section here for more information.
  • Create your own conditions for groupings. See Advanced section here for more information.
  • Added a third MinutesToMeasureMediumTrend. Add this property in your PT Feeder section and see corresponding groupings.
  • Add ability to name appsettings with a suffix to identify the appsettings file. Only one however needs to exist in your config folder.


  • Fix an issue where market condition overrides were not applying sometimes when pair override weighing was lower.
  • Improve speed of VWAP calculation
  • Ignore whitespace when reading properties from appsettings.json
  • Fix for DcaMinBuyVolume SOM condition


  • Logging of full exception when PT settings api returns an error.

PT Feeder 1.5.1

  • Fix an error with DcaEnabled in groupings not working. Now it works exactly the same as any other property. If DcaEnabled is a trigger, then you can offset. If you would like to set it to false, then use an override.

For example

"FolderName": "02-boring",
			"MaxTopCoinAverageChange": "0.5",
			"DcaEnabledOffset": "-100", // reduce DCA trigger by 100 percent
			"Override": {
				"DcaEnabled": "false", // sets DCAEnabled to false
				"Weight": "55"
  • Fix an issue where some operating systems didn't pass SSL check, CentOS for example.
  • Fix an error where VWAP calculations was returning NaN

PT Feeder 1.5.0


This is a big release. It is highly reccomended that you setup PT Feeder 1.5 and ProfitTrailer version 2 from scratch.

Biggest change. A fresh new wiki with all 1.5 goodness.

For a full PT Feeder 1.4 to 1.5.0 upgrade guide see here


  • ProfitTrailer Version 2 API support. My personal PT v2 settings are included in the release. Thanks to CryptoGnome and Grantcause for inspiration for these settings.
    • Note UseMaxCostPercentage and UseMinBuyBalancePercentage obsolete when in PT v2 mode
  • Discord notification support. Set DiscordBotToken and DiscordChatName in hostsettings.
  • Footer functionality via appsettings.
     "Footer": {
    			"Pairs": {
    			  "BCH_B_Buy_Value": "40.0",
    			  "BCH_A_Buy_Value": "40.0"
    			"Dca": {
    			  "DEFAULT_Dca_Max_Cost": "0",
    			  "DEFAULT_Dca_Min_Buy_Volume": "400"
    			"Indicators": {
    			  "Macd_Fast_Length": "12",
    			  "Macd_Signal": "9"
    	  "IntProperties": [
    		"MinBuyVolume" // as example only, because there is preset in code for this property
    	  "PositiveProperties": [
    		"TrailingBuy" // as example only, because there is preset in code for this property
  • NewCoinsGrouping to allow offsets and sell only mode to be set based on the age of a coin. Possible values of TimeUnit - Minutes, Hours, Days. case-sensitive

  • New market condition triggers. MaxVwapTrendChange and MaxLongTermVwapTrendChange. This is the volume weighted average price change of the coins that are included by your filters only. (e.g MinVolume, MinPrice, whitelist)

  • New market condition triggers of MaxBaseCoinPriceChange and MaxBaseCoinLongTermPriceChange to react on rising price of your base coin.

  • New long term market condition triggers. MinBaseCoinLongTermPriceChange, MaxTopCoinLongTermAverageChange

  • Overrides. BuyStrategy override has been changed to Override. Any PT property can be overriden in this section, including sell strategy. Example config:

       "Override": {
         "SellStrategy": "HIGHBB",
    		  "SellValue": "50",
    		  "MaxBuySpread": "1.5"
  • HiddenCoins list to automatically generate config for hidden coins.
  • Automatically generate Enabled pairs list instead of using ALL.
  • Log exact version number of PT Feeder on log and .properties files.
  • Log time on properties with applied servertimezoneoffset set in PT.


  • Huge refactoring to support any PT property as an offset or override.
  • Rename General section to Defaults sections. These will be mapped as DEFAULT_ in PT2 and ALL_in PT1.
  • Add Common section. These will be mapped as is with the naming convention.
  • Add PtFeeder section. These are properties that are internal to PTFeeder and not mapped to any PT property.
  • Market condition folders no longer required as indicators and DCA properties can be set from appsettings.json. You can still use folders if you wish.
  • Backward compatibility removed. Please rename:

In Defaults section:

	 FolderName => Name

    Cost => MaxCost
    NumberOfPairs => MaxTradingPairs
    ExcludedPairs => ExcludedCoins
    SomOnlyPairs => SomOnlyCoins
    DcaExcluded => DcaExcludedCoins
    EnabledPairsOnly => EnabledCoinsOnly,

In Offsets:

 	 SellOnlyMode => SellOnlyModeEnabled
   CostOffset => MaxCostOffset
  • Grouping names now need to now end with Grouping.

    e.g MarketConditions => MarketConditionsGrouping

  • LongTermPriceChange grouping changed name to LongerTermPriceTrendChangeGrouping

  • Volatility calcuations are now calculated on over check of the market.

  • Naming convention. All PT properties can be set in the General section. No prefix will mean they get written to pairs config, Dca prefix to dca config and Indicators to the indicator config.

  • Performance improvements whilst running. Note that this will take longer shutting down now. Work in progress to improve this.

  • Fix exchange offsets not applying to ALL properties.

  • Fix USDT market not working correctly when top coin set to 1.


  • Backward support for old TrexPairsFolderLocation removed.