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PT Addon

PT Feeder is an authorised-add on to ProfitTrailer, one of the best crypto trading bots. However it is developed and supported by a different team and the ProfitTrailer support channels will not be able to provide any support information about this tool.

PT Feeder is like IFTT. You tell PT Feeder certain triggers to act on, such as a change in market condition or the drop in price of a coin, and what you want it to do in that scenario. The what it will do is changing your PT properties, by either changing them by an percentage (offset) or replacing them totally (overrides).

  • Auto switch between different market configurations according to your settings and the current market trends
  • Detect optimal trailing buy and sell per coin based on market situation
  • Adjust your settings based on the volatility of a coin
  • Adjust most configurations per pair automatically based on market situation
  • Dynamic generation of all properties files for ProfitTrailer.

Examples of what can be done

  • If BTC rises by 5%, then lower my buy value by 50%.
  • If a coin has been dropping in price for the last 2 hours, then increase my trailing buy by 10%.
  • If the volume of a coin is less than 500 BTC, then lower my cost per trade by 20%.
  • If the price of a coin is less than 0.005%, then lower my trailing profit by 15%.
  • If the average price change of the top 30 coins have dropped in the last 12 hours, then don't enabled DCA for any coin.
  • If the BTC drops by 10%, then increase my max pairs by 30%.

You can set PTF to watch for all of the above and more.


Cryptocurrency trading is high risk. PT Feeder is not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential losses as a result of the use of our software. Please make your investments with caution.

How PT Feeder works

In Addition to our newcomer FAQs below, this is a more detailed explanation of about how PT Feeder works and how it works together with ProfitTrailer. Please read this thoroughly to understand it.

It is crucial to successfully run PT Feeder and ProfitTrailer together.

PT Feeder is an add-on to ProfitTrailer. PT-Feeder does not do any trading, it just generates configuration for ProfitTrailer. Even though it generates config, PT Feeder itself needs some settings made by you to know the ranges in which it should work.

None of both, ProfitTrailer or PT Feeder, are automatic money making machines. Both need time and work to get things right.

Here's a basic flow of what happens with PTF:

  • PT-Feeder takes your basic configuration from the appsettings.json and the hostsettings.json
  • It then checks your license by looking at the License Key set in hostsettings.json and the API key set in the Bot(s) configured there. (Licensing information)
  • It fetches all important data from the Exchanges that are configured in hostsettings.json. This includes coins traded on this exchanges and their prices as well es market trend values.
  • All parameters for the configuration of ProfitTrailer are then taken from appsettings.json
  • PTF will then look at the lower section of your appsettings.json and offset or override these basic values depending on the Market situation and the coin prices fetched from Exchanges.
  • Also PTF uses the trend and market values and your settings to select which Pairs will be traded at all. You can for example put Pairs on Sell-only-mode (SOM) based on what is happening on the market.

This flow is repeated every few minutes. Within this process the config for ProfitTrailer will be generated and put into your trading folder of ProfitTrailer.

Important: Everything in your PT config will be overwritten by PT Feeder. That's how it is supposed to work. This happens every few minutes, so generally don't edit your config as long as you use PT Feeder as your changes will be lost.

Community & Support

For support, please read the wiki and go to the ProfitTrailer Discord.


This tool is not for beginners.

If you are wondering how much extra profit this will make you, this probably isn't the tool for you yet. It is NOT paid-for settings. This will require a thorough understanding of ProfitTrailer configuration, how it works and buy and sell strategies.


Please read the ProfitTrailer wiki first.

The default settings in the zip file are there to show you all the possibilities of this tool. Using them out of the box will lead to a big reduction in trades. It is up to you, with the help of your reseller, to construct a strategy to your liking.

So why should I get it? There are many variables that need to be taken into account when constructing a strategy to use for ProfitTrailer. Some of these, like BTC price, the trend of the coin, the volume of the coin, etc, all change constantly. "Signaling" a buy for a coin under these conditions can result in a "bag" or a poor buy. PT Feeder analyses all of these and more to generate specific pair overrides for all pairs based on their attributes at that moment in time and the criteria you have set.

How to buy PT Feeder

The following are the resellers for PT Feeder. Please contact them if you are interested in purchasing the product or would like any more info.


PT Feeder can be bought directly from the ProfitTrailer shop



Newcomer FAQs

You are all new to this? Don't worry, we will have you covered.

Here's a small checklist of things that you need to know.

What do I need to run it?

  1. An account on one of the supported Crypto Exchanges
  2. A ProfitTrailer license
  3. A PT-Feeder License
  4. A computer (ideally a VPS in a datacenter) to run both on. Could be either Linux, Windows or macOS.

Ok, I have all of that. What do I do now?

You need to register your Exchange API Key with ProfitTrailer AND PT-Feeder. This is done through Discord bots. After you have done so for ProfitTrailer head to this page for instructions on how to do it for PT Feeder. Again: This needs to done with your PT License for PT and your PTF License for PTF. Both with the same API Key. This is important.

Got my API Key and License activated. What now?

You need to install PT Feeder. PT Feeder is a program that runs based on Dotnet Core which is a software by Microsoft. It is available for all major Operating systems. Please check the Installation Instruction Page on this Wiki for Details. Read carefully. There's also some information on how to start PT Feeder afterwards.

Here is what happens after you start it

After you start PT Feeder you will notice from the output or the log what it is doing. It will take some time to query the prices from the exchanges. After a while you will see that it is generating your PT config and puts it into your bots via the PT api. At this point in time you should look at this config and see if they make sense to you.

Have you got any examples or settings?

A work in progress how to guide can be found here and also, there are some community shared settings available on the forum.

How do I change what PT Feeder generates?

You can change about anything that PTF does within the appsettings.json in the config folder. This is the place where you should alter your strategy. Make yourself comfortable with this Wiki. Most of the information is here yet. It might not always be easy to find, but it's most likely here. We're constantly working to improve the documentation.

I still can't get XYZ going and need help

If you tried finding a solution but can't get it worked out by yourself and you've checked the forum, come over to the Discord or forum and we try to help you.